Residence Inn Braintree report

In order to be a Marriott Platinum elite member, one has to have 50 elite night in a single year. I have 49 nights so far. So Last week, I stayed at Residence Inn one night for my 50th night. Typically, I don’t waste my time to write such a report for a low end hotel. But it’s my 50th and it’s free, so why not?

  • Cost: one 25,000 points free night certificate
  • From: 2018 spring Mega Bonus promo, after 2 stay
  • Room type: Two Bed Studio

It was raining when I arrived, so I didn’t take a picture of the hotel appearance; after check-out, I left immediately, so I didn’t have a change to take a picture as well. Here is a picture from official website:


The lobby seems pretty cozy:


After check-in, I surprisingly found that award stay gives welcome bonus points as well. I guess this would be my last time to receive 250 points. Since I went into frequent traveler community last year, I have a habit to collect room key, this time makes no exception:




As a all-suite long-stay hotel, kitchen is a must-have:


Since this is a studio, there is a lobby:


Go inside, it is bedroom:


Going further is bathroom:


The bed is comfortable, so I had a good sleep. After I woke up, I had a breakfast, then checked out and went home.


The breakfast is awful… But it’s better than nothing, right? Before going home, I also had a look at the fitness room and the pool:


There is even a laundry room, of course a long-stay hotel has a laundry room:


This ends this report. In the next article, I’ll explain how I reach Marriott Platinum elite status. Stay tuned!

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