Purchase Things to Take Back Home at Budget Hotels in Surat


Surat is lovely city so when you are here it is natural wish to take things back home to people that you love and those close to you. The place is famous for availability of handlooms, handicrafts, and gemstones. Right from the ancient times, the city has remained an important trading center and a port in 17 and 18 centuries when commercial and cultural exchanges used to take place. One of the much-loved products indigenous to the place is zari manufacturing with garments containing salma, zari, and kinari work is among the must buy items.

This is the diamond city so if you are in the mood to buy the precious stone, this is the place to be. Visit the jewelry shops to buy the lovely creations and take back with you for your loved ones when staying at budget hotels in Surat. Besides diamond cutting and polishing industry, the silver work in the city is also famous all over the country along with wooden items like boxes, table lamps, and side tables. When you are here in a mood to shop, silk saris are must buy items such as the kinkhab, gajee, and tanchoi. You can shop to your heart’s content at the private markets and government emporiums.

Other things of importance to take from the city include hand-embroidered fabrics the Kutch work combining appliqué and embroidery work with use of mirrors, patola silk, and icons made of metal, wood, and ivory. Consider this and more when staying at Surat hotel near railway station.

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