Prayer over food

Once Smith Wigglesworth, the Apostle of God, went to Australia to preach the word of God.

He preached in the town hall and thousands were healed and many thousands were saved

After the Sunday service, the pastor of the church in Sydney, Australia; took Smith Wigglesworth for dinner to the finest restaurant in the city.


In the dining room, about 200-300 people were having their dinner and all were dressed very primly and proper.

Smith Wigglesworth and the pastor came inclassicpose

Smith Wigglesworth, as we all know, he himself is a very good-looking man, perfect in his dress and very dignified person.

He looked at the people who were having their dinner and he shook his head a little bit to them and then before the food was served to him, he took his pencil and took the glass of water and knocked the glass of water with his pencil

As the room was so silent, Everyone looked at Smith Wigglesworth


And Smith Wigglesworth said: ” I have observed, since being here, that you have not prayed over your food and that’s the way hogs eat, they don’t pray over their food

so, I will pray for you”

Now the pastor who took Smith Wigglesworth to that restaurant felt humiliated and his face turned as red as blood

But Smith Wigglesworth stood them and with a loud voice prayed to God to bless them and love them all and to sanctify their food to their bodies and to give them strength from the food that they might serve God.

And then he said Ladies and gentleman thank you and sat down.

And had his dinner.

But before they left the restaurant, 2 families accepted Christ and was saved.


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