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One of my absolute favorite places to stay at Disney World is the Riverside part of the Port Orleans Resort. I remember staying there as a kid (when it was still called Dixie Landings) with some of our family and friends. I loved the slightly eclectic feeling dining hall with the miss-matched chairs and running around outside around the river. It was fun, yet simple. Years later I went on a trip with my best friend, sister and my sister’s best friend (who happened to be my best friend’s sister) and had to swing by the Port Orleans for memory’s sake. It looked almost exactly as I remembered it! A few months after the sister trip to Disney, I was planning my Disney World honeymoon for the following year and remembered how nice the Port Orleans looked when I showed it to my friend. I decided this would be the perfect place to stay for all but one night of the honeymoon (we stayed at the Grand Floridian for the last night). The Port Orleans, Riverside was absolutely beautiful and I’m so glad we stayed there!

Details for this resort: it is in the Disney Springs area, with EPCOT being the closest park. It is one of the more affordable options at Disney World, under their Moderate price category. There are two restaurants and a bar at the Riverside part (might be others at the French Quarter part), and both of the restaurants are great. And there are multiple bus stops, which is convenient if your room is not close to the front lobby like ours on our honeymoon (I think it was the building furthest away, haha). One other cool thing they have is horse drawn carriage rides. I haven’t done this, but it sounds neat, so I might just have to add it to my Disney bucket list!

Overall you cannot go wrong with this resort. It’s relaxing enough for when you want to get away from the 90 minute Dumbo line or the crowds waiting for the afternoon parade, but also with enough activities that you will not get bored if you want to spend a day at the resort. :) I know it definitely was the perfect choice for us!

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