Popular Sightseeing of Mukteshwar and Look into Its Legendary Cultures

Mukteshwar is a place of natural beauty and captivating natural wonders. One can escape into the lap of nature and rejuvenate self. Mukteshwar is an excellent tourist destination to heal mind, body, and soul naturally. It holds lot of surprises for even adventurists; and adventure activities can be explored by audacious souls. Nature lovers can get intriguing views of ‘Great Himalayan Range’ form atop the peaks of ‘Neelkantha, Trishul, and Chauthi Jali’. Mukteshwar is also revered for trekking amidst green forests and azure streams. This destination is amazing and alluring in every step while exploring. Hotel in Mukteshwar is always in demand due to rush of travelers from across the country. It’s a good holiday destination for vacationers who want to beat the heat. Let’s look at the popular sightseeing in Mukteshwar…

  1. Mukteshwar Dham: The place has been named after the ancient temple of Hindu God Lord Shiva. The temple is far famed as ‘Mukteshwar Dham’ and is 350 years old. The tourist place derived its name from this dham and is situated at a height of 2286 meters above sea level. The natives of Mukteshwar believe that ‘Lord Shiva will grant Moksha to all his devotees who offer prayers at this dham’. The temple offers every day prayers to Lord Shiva Lingam surrounded by idols of other Hindu deities. The temple premises hold ancient idols of Hindu deities like ‘Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Parvati, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha, and Nandi. The temple can be reached through a stone stairway.

    Mukteshwar Dham

  2. Chauthi Jaali: This temple is situated adjacent to ‘Mukteshwar Dham’ and is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. The temple is known for its legends and myths. One legend says that ‘there was once a battle between a demon and a Goddess here’. One can still witness the shield, an elephant trunks, and faint outlines of a sword.

    chauli ki jali

  3. Nature’s Beauty and Adventures: Mukteshwar offers great options for adventure activities. Adventure souls can heighten their adrenaline rush with adventure activities like ‘rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, and Para gliding’. The rare ‘Himalayan Mountain quail a type of game bird can also be spotted amid the beauty of evergreen oak and pine forests.

    Cottage Nirvana

Mukteshwar can be a great tourist destination; and one must visit it during summers. The weather in summers is pleasant and one can beat the heat of plains. Book resort in Mukteshwar in advance and one can also visit nearby hill station like ‘Sitla’ a fascinating hill station at an elevation of 7000 square feet.

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