Our DVC journey.

dvcWe get a lot of questions about buying in to Disney’s Vacation Club (DVC) and how it works when you live in the U.K.
We are firstly going to start of by saying this blog is about our experience with DVC.  We also have a page with information on DVC which goes in to greater detail.

Our DVC experience started off as a joke. While staying at Disney’s Saratoga Springs in 2017 we kept seeing the DVC shuttles, as Saratoga Springs hosts the Walt Disney World DVC Preview center. I kept saying they were “calling me home”. this was a joke as for years we had thought about buying in to DVC but thought

1. it wasn’t worth it for us
2. we couldn’t afford it
3. we take advantage of the free Disney Dining plan offer

We decided we needed to get our facts straight and get it out of our minds once and for all. So as we were already staying at Saratoga Spring’s we decided to book an appointment at the preview center. Now we’re not going to lie we mainly booked the tour to get the 3 free fastpasses and the $100 dollars you get for doing the tour. But we also were certain that we wouldn’t be able to afford it and wanted the tour to confirm this to us that it was something that we couldn’t do right now.

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The tour:

We booked our tour for early morning. Once we checked in to the tour we went inside to a beautiful lobby were we were treated to a selection of hot drinks/ juices/cold drinks and a selection of breakfast goodies.

Once everyone for that appointment time had arrived we were all called through to a large screening room and watched a promotional video for what DVC offers.

Next it was time for the “Nitty Gritty” we went to see a “DVC advisor”. This is the point were they go through all the finance options, how the points work (you can find more information on this on our DVC page), what resorts are available, and answer any questions that you may have. It was really informative and we were truly shocked that this may be something that maybe we could really do.

The fun part then started and we got to view the models of the DVC resorts that were available to purchase (this will change depending on what resorts are for sale). For us this was The villas and Bungalows at the Polynesian resort and  Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at the Wilderness lodge Resort. Each resort had two types of rooms to view, both had a 1 bedroom villa and a studio to view (combined the rooms makes a 2 bedroom villa lock off). dvc cc4
We absolutely fell head over heels with Copper Creek. Wilderness lodge has been my “ultimate hotel” since i was a young girl. I’ve never got to stay there but i think near enough every trip i have managed a way to spend some time there.

We told our advisor that we would like some time to think about it, after all it is a massive decision and a lot of money. It is something that dvc ccshould not be jumped in to. We received our Fastpasses ( we were a party of 4 but only 2 of us had come to the preview center but we all received 3 extra fastpasses each) and our $100 gift card. The DVC shuttle offered to take us anywhere within the resort (you can arrange to be picked up and dropped off when making your appointment)

We gave ourselves  a few days to think about if this was a decision we wanted to make. We sat and talked in over multiple times and were made up to find out we could afford the payments as well as factoring in the annual dues (see our DVC page).
We went through all the paper work we had been given and made some decisions.

  • We would be going through the bank of mickey (Disney Financing ) we would pay a down payment and then pay the rest off monthly over a chosen time period
  • Copper Creek would be our home resort
  • We would be going every other year
  • We worked out how many points would make this do-able for us (we are not going to go in to details of exact points and payments as Disney change this regularly)
  • WE COULD REALLY DO THIS! this would secure our future trips to Walt Disney World.

dvc chair

We made a second appointment to see our advisor and told him we had made our decision. Now there was a LOT of paper work. we also had a Financial notary come in to make it all official. We spent about 45 minutes signing paper work and making sure we knew all the details.

After everything was signed that was it we were DVC members. Thanks to modern technology we had already got our temporary DVC membership cards on our phones which meant we could start receiving our benefits. While we were there in 2017 this was 20% of merchandise in select shops and 20% off food in select restaurants.dvc bag

This was our personal experience of buying into the Disney Vacation Club. Each persons story will be totally different. Something to remember DVC does not work for everyone so research is key. We have more information on the technical ins and outs on our DVC page.

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Have a magical day.

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