Our Disney on Ice Adieu


A few weeks ago, my husband cut the ice for the very last Disney on Ice to play at the Richmond Coliseum, as it will be torn down after the new year. I figure our family has been to about 20-25 Disney on Ice performances over the years, and while I grew tired of them, my kids, who are hardly “kids” anymore, still enjoy the show.

One of the bonuses of going to these shows is a hotel stay in Richmond. Because we live an hour away, and during show dates hubby has to be cutting the ice frequently for days and days, the Coliseum would pay for a hotel stay so he can be close and on hand.

The girls and I would hang out in Richmond for the weekend, taking advantage of the free accommodations, shopping, and of course, seeing the show. This year, the Coliseum did not set us up at the Hilton or the Marriott, both of which are in walking distance to the facility.

The got us a room at The Graduate, which is quite possibly the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The room was beyond funky; a two room suite with a bunkbed in one room, and a king sized bed in the other. Two bathrooms, two TV’s and gorgeous views of my daughter’s alma mater, VCU.


Is this side table not the coolest? The keys to the room look like student IDs.


And this phone and information booklet? Funkalicious!


When is the last time you saw a blow dryer bag this cool?


Not your typical hotel artwork. No Bob Ross shit landscapes here!


This is the do not disturb door hanger….how genius is that?


Even the wall paper was out of bounds!


The room also came equipped with a bluetooth speaker, so my daughter could rock out to her classic rock tunes while in the shower. My only complaint? No microwave.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.18.47 AM

Here is hubby on one of his last ice cuts for Disney. The show itself was a little disappointing, with the first half being Toy Story and a 20 second version of The Little Mermaid. But the 2nd half, made up entirely of Frozen, was great.

And to make our last viewing of Disney on Ice just that much more special, hubby brought the girls down to the front row to see Elsa and Anna singing and skating up close. It was pretty cool.

So, farewell Disney. You’ve given us years and years of entertainment, countless memories from Snow White to High School Musical, from Belle to Brave, and from Aladdin to Tangled, my girls have a lifetime of memories.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.19.12 AM

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