It is reported that hotel booking websites are trying to pressurise people into booking immediately by claiming only ‘one room left’ on their booking pages and the advertising regulators want to put a stop to this use of undue pressure.

When booking rooms you want to feel,
That you have got a decent deal,
And so you check some booking sites,
For the requisite hotel nights.

It’s nice if you can take your time,
Assess their food as well as wine,
And then maybe check out some more,
Perhaps as you have done before.

The hotels, though, are none too keen,
And may be very slightly mean,
By telling you there’s one room left,
And after that they are bereft.

Their hope is you will panic then,
Get out the cheque book and the pen,
(Or what replaces them these days)
And book up for your holidays.

But regulators say it’s bad,
To make folk think they better had,
Book up immediately in case,
They end up in a booking race,
And if they lose, the room might go,
Booked by some other so-and-so.

So when you’re booking, take your time,
Check out the food as well as wine;
And if you find the room has gone,
There’ll always be another one.

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