On the Road Again

Well, my husband and I are on the road again. We are heading up to Minneapolis for the weekend. I had HALF AN HOUR TO PACK! I went into frantic mode! I like to pack my bags the night before we go anywhere so I know j have everything. Well, this was not the case today! I scrambled to get my bag as well as my husband’s bag packed for the weekend adventure. I made a checklist in my head and went over it a million time but knowing me I will have forgotten something. Luckily for me, I had some clothes packed for an emergency situation like this. The plus of this is that I will get to see my family! We haven’t seen them since December and that’s a long time for me. But when you move across the country that’s what happens. So the fifteen-hour drive will all be worth it. So here’s too short notice trips and family.

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