Okada Manila: a hotel and casino resort in bloom

Okada became my cup of tea as soon as I set foot in it. Its Japanese Cherry Blossom decorations mesmerized me to the point that I felt like taking pictures of the interiors and the venue attracted me even further as I continued roaming around. The resort is clean and well-maintained and it has several amenities that are worth tuning to (I am way looking forward to watching World of Wonders). Okada is already worth the attraction despite its construction on progress and I am certain that it will be a lot more exhilarating once it is fully built.

Here are some photos of the festive interiors found in Okada.

And finally the restroom doors that look like closets standing next to one another.

Seeing these mesmerizing and beautiful interiors makes me want to go back more than twice. I will be more than amazed to see what Okada has to offer once it is fully constructed.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

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are all taken by me.

*Originally posted and transferred from Genviedoll’s World, with minor edits. Entry was originally written in May 2, 2017.

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