Nine Hours Asakusa – A Must Try Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

Many of solo travelers right now are staying in capsule hotels or shared hostels. Aside from being cheap than the usual hotels, you will be able to meet more people in this kind of accommodation. Capsule hotels was originated from Osaka in the Kansai region of Japan.

It was my first time to stay in a capsule hotel and I booked my 3 nights at Nine Hours Asakusa from for 226 aed only.

This hotel exceeded my expectations because of the cleanliness and accommodating staff. It is very accessible to Asakusa Train Station so it was not hard for me to travel everyday.


I stayed in a FEMALE-ONLY area and I love the design of the pods which is located at the 4th floor. It is not the usual bunk beds that you can see from other hostels. It was peaceful and you can sleep very well. My only problem is the hard mattress which is very common for the Asian beds.


The pod has its own charging socket and light that you can adjust the brightness. On the other hand, lockers and shower area is located on the 8th floor for women. The facilities are also clean because the staff are maintaining the area every now and then.

Upon check-in, the Reception staff will give you the access card which will serve as your key in your locker and shower area main door. You have to surrender it every morning before 10:00 AM and get another one after because it has an expiration for 24 hours. They also gave me a bag with towels, pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste and slippers. They are replacing the whole set everyday. You don’t have to bring shampoo, conditioner and shower gel because they also have in each shower room.

Just keep in mind that you have to put your luggage and shoes in the common storage area because it should not touch the floor in your pod and locker area. We all know that in the Japanese culture, it is not allowed inside their home to put your shoes or anything that was stained by soil, sand or dust because those things may be attached to the soles and it is considered dirty.

I did not get any breakfast meal from this hotel because I always go out every morning and I prefer to eat from convenience stores because of large variety of food.

But they have a cafe in the lobby which serves a delicious chai tea. I have tried it once and it was so relaxing.


I enjoyed my stay in this capsule hotel and the cost that I paid was 100% worth it. I highly recommend this one because aside from the positive feedback that I have mentioned above, they are also close to cheap restaurants around the Asakusa area. I would love to stay here again in the future.




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