New York in summer

Behold my favourite city of all time.

I love New York because its fast paced, there’s always something to do at any hour and it’s unlike any city i’ve ever been.

I’ve now been to New York twice, once in spring, once in summer and i’m going a week before Christmas this year, so i’ll have been able to experience it seasonally. Everyone pretty much knows the main tourist attractions, Empire state, Rockefeller centre, Times Square, 9/11, 5th Avenue, Central park, Trump Tower. There really is a ton of tourist attractions to see.

Another great thing about New York is how easy it is the navigate. The city is set out like a grid, so it’s very easy to find where you want to go!

My favourites are Rockefeller (between 48th and 51st street) and Times Square.

Most people think the Empire state is the best view, however, my favourite is the Rockefeller, because you get the empire state in. I would recommend you do both to get a comparison, just make sure you have your camera fully charged.

To do this, and all the other attractions, I would recommend getting a deal with your travel agents or the New York City pass. This is $42 per day and you get entry to over 100 tourist attractions! You also get to use the hop on hop off bus, which I am a firm believer in wherever you travel. Every single time I book a trip I look to see if there’s a hop on hop off bus because it takes you directly to the best destinations, is super cheap and convenient. That’s probably the best travel advise anyone can give, if you ask me…

New York City Pass

Times Square is a great place to be, simply because it’s always busy and full of life, it’s also a great photo op, of both the square and those infamous yellow cabs, and a great place to get any souvenirs from stores in the square, but lets be honest, if you go to New York, you’re going to Times Square so I don’t need to try and sell this one.

Right next to Times Square is 44th street, a street filled with restaurants. If you’re going to eat in New York, you have to check out some of these restaurants. My favourite (still to this day the best pizza and dough balls) is John’s pizzeria, on 44th street. Just a heads up, but there’s plenty of choice so knock yourself out.

John’s pizzeria

Another thing we did, which is kind of off the beaten track is went on the hop on hop off bus tour to Brooklyn at night. This is perfect if you want to see Brooklyn but don’t want to spend an entire day there, the tour guides are well informed and you get to ride across the Brooklyn bridge to Frank Sinatra’s New York New York, always a fun sing along. Another great thing about this tour is they point out specific tour attractions for you to visit during the day if you please, including famous restaurants, so I would recommend giving that a look.

We also did a tour of central park that showed you all the places movies and TV shows were filmed. This is great if you’re a movie fanatic and is a great way to see the park with a fun twist. They also show you the best photo locations and give a history of certain areas of the park. This is also available in the New York pass. (Centtral park is between 59th and 110 streets).

Another great place to visit is the 9/11 memorial. When visiting, you can see the memorial itself and tour the museum. The monument really is heartbreaking, and breathtaking at the same time, you can see the names of those that died ingrained in the monument and learn the stories of brave servicemen and women alongside those in the tower that died. If you’re every in New York, it’s a must see.


I’ll leave you with the view from our hotel, which looked out onto the Empire state building and other photos of the city.

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