New West Inn – Amsterdam

This trip to Amsterdam was a last minute trip as in i literally booked my hotel when i landed.. This hotel was a fairly priced hotel, 3 stars so i booked the deluxe room, if you know me you know i’m quite fussy and i didn’t really know what to expect, plus for £10 extra a night i couldn’t really go wrong.

When i got off my plane and went in to the train station i got the bus 69 which took me across the road from my hotel.

When checking in staff were very helpful, they even helped me find somewhere to change my pounds to euros and with any general questions i had, because it was a spontaneous trip i only booked for one night at first then when i booked the next two nights they were happy for my requests to stay in the same room as i was in.

The hotel looked very nice and modern inside the reception. When you went in the lift you needed to use your room card to make the lift go which is a nice security measure.

I was on the first floor, the gym was on my floor and was a 1 minute walk from my room.

My room was really nice it was a lot better than i expected for a 3 star hotel and was very clean, spacious and modern.

I had a massive mirrored wardrobe, a table and chair i had a TV on the wall and a walk in shower. The room was very clean and the bed was massive, there was also a safe for you to use in your room.

Every single day the cleaners came in and done an excellent clean, i had waters, teas, coffees and everything in my room. I didn’t have no neighbors which was a plus so i didn’t have any one disturbing my sleep and the hotel wasn’t too far from the city center, about 15-20 minutes on a tram. There was also loads of shops near by so i could get everything i wanted if i didn’t want to go in to the town center.

I paid £165 for 3 nights.

Staff: 5/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Location: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Would i stay here again? Yes

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