NEW LEGS (alt title: Slippery Soul)

Dang. Locked out again. 

He thinks this staring down at his body, laying in the street being run over by an 18 wheeler, killing his body instantly.

This guest has what known as a slippery soul. He’s prone to out of body experiences. Just letting his mind wonder a bit too far, and poof, he’s floating above himself. Most of the time he can just slide himself right back into his meat suit, but, like the circumstance he found him self in today, he slips out of himself somewhere dangerous every so often. Today it happened as he was crossing the street.

The first time it happened he didn’t know what to do with himself. He floated around, just a ball of consciousness (BoC), for years. Then he floated past another BoC and a little farther past that he float by the empty shell of a body this other BoC had left behind. He slipped inside of that and carried on.

This process repeated itself again and again and again and again.

“Good evening, Sir” I told him as he walks past the desk.

He turns to me and waves, smiling big, and, said “Goodnight!”

Then he walked straight into a wet floor sign.

“Ha Ha new legs” He told me.

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