Need Places to Stay in Sun Valley, Idaho?

One of the biggest problems people have when planning a skiing trip, is finding a place to stay. Searching through hotels and condos can be difficult especially is they are far away from the mountain or if they aren’t close to a shuttle spot. I’m here to help you with that problem in trip planning. Because I have recently been to SV, Idaho, I can give you pointers and tips on where to stay so that you have fun when your not skiing and you also get easy transportation to the mountain. I highly recommend staying in the town of Ketchum. Ketchum is where the mountain is located and is the place to be at night. For a town that is 3.5 square miles, it offers a total of 63 restaurants and bars to go to after a long day of skiing. With a perfect view of the mountain, you definitely don’t want to miss out on staying in the pretty little town. Click here to book a hotel, condo, or house in Ketchum, Idaho!


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