Natural Light

“Thank you for being a  rewards member. Can I offer you a beverage. We have water, soda, and beer?”

He chuckles.


Everyone thinks it’s wild that we hand out beer at the front desk.

“Yes I have Natural Light in a can, and Budweiser or Coors Light in a bottle.”

He looks at me a little suspiciously but reply’s, “Natty’s fine” none the less.

He face grows red and I wonder if maybe I should check his license to make sure he is old enough to drink.

I decide against it because I don’t really care. I’m not quite sure it’s actually legal to give out beer like this anyway.

I tell him what time breakfast starts, how to use the showers, and what time checkout. I tell him to let me know if I can do anything else for him tonight. I hand him the keys and send him to his room with well wishes for a good night.

Back in his room he sits down his things and disrobes. He stretches upward and slides out of his human skin, revealing green skin and antennas, exactly what they said an alien would look like.

He lays on the bed and grabs the can of Natty. He pops the can open and listens to the fizzy sound of the bubbles bouncing around in the aluminum. He puts his nose to the lip of the can and takes a big whiff. Although the smell can be offensive to human, this particular breed of aliens loves the smell of piss.

He takes a sip.

He enjoys being a  human most of the time, but when he can get his hands on a Natural Light, he loves it.

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