My Travel Challenges and Lessons With JW Marriott LA Live

When I’m travelling, there are so many things that are uncertain and I cannot control.  In my journey to find more health and wellness in my life, I’ve seen how there can be many stressors in our daily lives that can impact both our physical and mental health.  Travel can highlight more of these stressors, as it takes us out of our normal day-to-day environment and we are forced to deal with uncertainties.

In many ways, technology can help make things more efficient and save time.

So, when I saw the subject title from JW Marriott “Check in and get to your room faster,” I was excited.  I jumped onto my phone hoping to quickly check in and…fail!  My reservation couldn’t be found.  I called their Customer Services team and had to get them to fix something on their end.  I was told to wait 10 minutes and then I could check in again.  I was super tired as it was around 1am when I tried to check in, so I ended up doing it when I woke up a few hours later.

My early morning flight was of course, delayed.  We were stuck on the runway.  When we got to LAX, there were so many flights that arrived at the same time, so there were people everywhere.  My Uber couldn’t find me, starting yelling at me and was super frustrated.  I called her, asked her to calm down and eventually found each other.  We then found ourselves stuck at the airport with cars not moving.

After a while, I arrive and check into the JW Marriott LA Live and I must admit, the design of the hotel was beautiful.  Grand, open and spacious.  I was just SO relieved that I got to the hotel.


I attempt to catch my breath, as it’s now 3:30pm and I had not eaten breakfast or lunch.  I eat my cold breakfast/lunch in my room and then go to run errands.  I arrive back to the Glance Restaurant to re-confirm my breakfast booking for the next morning and the Manager assures me that I’ve done the right thing and everything is fine.  I attempt to go back to my room to get some ‘rest.’


The next morning, I arrive to my breakfast and find that the morning Manager didn’t receive the notes from the night Manager.  I re-explain my situation and proceed to get seated to welcome my guests.  In the moment, I just felt so overwhelmed with so many things that I couldn’t control.  I just had to remind myself to breathe.

Luckily, the women were patient when I told them what happened and they eventually found my table.  It was a breakfast filled with good conversation with #womenintech.  The women thanked me for my efforts in putting the breakfast together and it made me feel so much better.


As we were attending #UniteLA, my time was super precious.  My days were filled with sessions, networking and meetings, so we had very long days.  One morning, I was able to go to the gym for a very quick workout and attempt to try their hot tub.


I was sad to find that the hot tub was cold.  I tried a few times and also waited for the water to heat up, though no luck.  I alerted the lady who was sitting near the Executive Lounge and also the lady who was cleaning in the pool area.  I felt like I had done everything that I could do on my end and just needed to let it go.

The lessons?

  • Follow up: After processing what happened, I reached out to the JW Marriott LA Live through their Social Media platforms.  (I also tried to contact them via email when I first problems with checking in, though there was no response.  It was an automatic customer experience fail).  After trying a few more times, I was able to speak to someone from JW Marriott LA.  I explained my challenges and also talked through solutions.  It was great to have someone actually listen to me on the other end.
  • Keep trying.  I had to try a lot of different ways – eg. email, Twitter, FB, customer services phone number, before I was able to find someone to respond.
  • Surveys: I previously didn’t like to complete feedback surveys, as I thought they took a lot of time.  Though now, I’m seeing the value of giving feedback to improve services.  It’s the little things, though trust that the little things lead to your voice being heard.
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