My Experience At a Two Star Hotel

When you’re needing a place to stay whether it is extended stay or for a night or two you are looking for comfort and some superb service to take you away from the hustles and bustles of life. Well this hotel that I’m about to mention is not going to be one of those. This is more of a ghetto shanty village and I’m surprised that anyone would call this hole a HOTEL. This hotel that I’m about to mention is located on the inner skirts of Interstate 290 West. The name is Hometowne Studios by Red Roof. It was formerly Crossland Houston Northwest. I moved to this temporary place back in December of 2017. The hotel was very quiet but had some shady people hanging around. Since I was desperate for a place to stay I had to find somewhere to be and the prices were very cheap. I was skeptical because of most hotels/motels were rumored to have bed bug infestations and I didn’t need that in my life. I carefully inspected the bed corners and all the linen. I didn’t find one single bed bug so that was a relief. The hotel staff member gives me a card to open the door. Had issues with opening then when I finally did a hard jiggle to the door I open to find out someone has their belongings in this room.  I go back downstairs and I told the rep what happened and he gave me this formal apology and signed me to a different room this time. I go to the second floor and decide to check for bed bugs again and non to my avail which is a miracle. There was some occasional roaches and I had to make sure that they were going to die real soon. Full size fridge is OK. Stove top range is good and a nice flat screen TV is good now that I have the TV to share with my daughter. So the night I decide to stay after I took a shower I noticed that there was a jiggle to the door. The door kept trying to open and I let out a scream and it frightened my daughter.  The manager called me soon after and apologized for coming in and he said he had the wrong door. That was strike one. The Tidwell and Guhn location is horrible. People have pets but don’t pick up their waste. Elevator gets broken every other month.The children play with the elevators causing it to malfunction. Prostitution, drugs, death occurs here. 3rd death in 3 months! Roaches…  Strike two was the incident of my debit card and other residents’ cards have been hacked. Racked up an overdraft charge to my account. From what my theory is someone is storing my credit card info in their computer which is not ethical since I didn’t give anyone permission to do that. 2nd time this has happened and management has done nothing. ONLY PAY CASH. THAT IS MY WORD OF ADVICE TO ANYONE deciding to live here. This isn’t a hotel but a SLUM VILLAGE. THEY only care about you paying them for your stay not about the environment and conditions. Dirty corridors on all 3 floors. Not fit for long time stay. Lock your doors top lock too. People will open your door with their card. Card key entry never works. I always have to go downstairs to the office to reactivate my card. This is HELL. Another word of advice don’t let your kids play outside. The children play with the elevators causing it to malfunction. Get an apartment instead. This is a totally temporary stay. Plus they charge 1.00 for toilet paper. Where the money goes to I don’t know. If you want to go to an affordable hotel, try Extended Stay or Intown Suites. At least with those companies security isn’t a joke. Next month is my last month at this place now that I’ve gotten back on my feet. These companies should learn to take pride in their jobs and have good work ethic. I guess these qualities are long gone now. 

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