Most popular Resort in Puri- Hotel Holiday Resort

With thousands of visitors coming here one a daily basis Puri was and still continues to be the number one tourist destination in the state. The beauty of its beaches, attraction of Lord Jagannath and a chance to visit some of the most famous places in the vicinity brings in lots of tourists as well as devotees from world over. Though winter months are great as far weather is concerned many people plan to come in summer which is the time for the annual RathYatra. This festival is attended by more than a million people every year as this is the only time when people irrespective of their religion and faith can see the deities of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra and seek their blessings. Though the city has a deep religious connotation it is also a place for fun and excitement and to learn about the culture and tradition of the local people. Those coming here enjoy going to the Sand Art Park, roaming around the city in cycle rickshaws or auto as the roads are quite narrow and trying out the various local delicacies.

Most popular Resort in Puri- Hotel Holiday Resort



Puri works as a kind of gateway to many other tourist hubs like Chillika Lake where you can see thousands of migratory birds in the cool winter months. In Konark you will see the world famous Sun Temple known as the black pagoda and don’t miss out on the Artists’ village in Raghurajpur where the main occupation of most of the villager is painting. They have kept alive the traditional art form known as Pattachitras which is created on a specially made canvas called Patta, on dried coconut shells and also on fabrics. One can see the artists at work and can buy whatever catches your eye at a reasonable price. You can visit the dolphin sanctuary in Satapada, enjoy your journey on the marine drive on your way to Konark and stop by to drink some delicious coconut water to quench your thirst. If you happen to make plans to visit Puri during winters then you will get a chance to attend the beach fest in the city, sand art fest or go out to watch the dance festival in Konark and the recently introduced Chillika Festival.




As tourism contributes greatly towards the economy the city is filled with hotels and resorts to cater to the tourists coming from all walks of life. Though the number of affordable hotels are more there are also some luxury hotels with all modern amenities. Out of all these Holiday Resorts has come to be known as the most popular name in the city. This affordable luxury Puri Hotel Booking is great as it offers all the modern facilities that you generally associate with star hotels and at a cost that is well affordable. One can also check out their website and compare the hotel package with other hotels in Puri. But if you plan to stay here then online booking is a must as the room occupancy rate is quite high especially during the peak season. Not just to stay you can book the hotel for parties and functions. There are Banquet halls of various sizes which you can take for dinner or official luncheons and the garden is ideal for weddings, reception and any other large gatherings. For meetings and seminars one can opt for the Conference Room and on top of this a romantic wedding can also be arranged for in the private beach of the resort.




During the vacation all one needs is a great ambience and all facilities for a hands free time. In holiday resorts you will have everything that you might ever need and on top of that other luxuries like that of a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, SPA Hotels in Puri and a gym that will help you to burn those extra calories that surreptitiously sneak in during the vacations. The guests have access to two multi cuisine restaurants one of which has a bar and a bakery shop for some sinful sweets. There are gift shops, play zone for the children and a travel desk that will take care of your tickets, book a tour package and you can hire a cab to see the place at your own pace. This sea facing resort is highly recommended by trip advisor and is extremely popular with the tourists for its fabulous ambience, efficient staff members and giving its guests a time that they will treasure all throughout their life.


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