More Annoying Stuff

Las Vegas has certainly stepped up its bathroom game over the past few decades. Stay at one of the older hotels and you’ll see what I mean. While you could have a party in some of the newer bathrooms, you might have trouble squeezing yourself into one of the older ones. They are like broom closets. But I’m not complaining about the size tonight, even though I could. There is only so much you can do with an existing floor plan and at least some of the older hotels are trying. Nope, I have so much more to whine about in the bathroom! For one thing, the bathtub is disappearing. I know they are gross but I like a good soak now and then and that is getting harder to find. Then there’s those sliding barn doors that are so popular. I always feel like I am locking up the livestock for the night. And then there’s the shower with no door at all! You can’t help but splatter water all over. And I am not that thrilled with those rain head showers either. I like a directional shower, not one that is on top of me. And they don’t seem to have that much pressure either. I need power to blast away the smoke, sweat and decay of the night before and they just don’t cut it most of the time. Enough complaining for tonight. More to come tomorrow!

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