Mermaid at I’M Hotel: Ideal for entertainment and chills

I was supposed to watch the Fete de la Musique’s Eclectic stage 
performances at the Mermaid Pool Bar in 2017. The delay of the show drew me to tour its roundabouts and I was amazed at the entire colorful set-up. The space was huge enough for a small concert (preferably acoustic and other “chill” concerts) to be held. The artwork on stage was beautiful and described the aquatic ambiance of the pool bar. 

The stage where bands perform

The pool provided an impressive view of the buildings. It was relaxing to sit on the caged lounges on top of the pool, lounge chairs by the poolside and simply at the restaurant sipping some cocktails, munching some snacks, chatting with friends and watching stage performances.

Poolside from the entrance

Lounge chairs

Poolside near the view

The view from the pool

The food and drinks were promising despite the budget spent on them. The salted egg chips were as delicious as I expected and sipping a glass of Mermaid tears cocktail drink felt like an unexpected comeback, given that I have not drunk cocktails for a long time.

Salted Egg Chips and Mermaid Tears Cocktail while waiting for the show

I would definitely consider Mermaid as a comeback place. I would also recommend it for my family, friends and loved ones, as well as for typical bar hoppers yearning for a place to chill.

Mermaid is located at the 2nd floor by the pool. It opens daily from 11 am to 11 pm.

For more information about the bar and the hotel

are all taken by me.

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