Maybe Your Room is Already Comped

A surprising thing about some Las Vegas casinos is that they may already be ready to comp your room, even if you have never visited before. Or, at the very least, you may receive a nice discount. Of course there’s a catch. You have to have some sort of record of gambling with a casino owned by the same company to get that deal. But that isn’t unusual at all. There is a pretty good chance that your local casinos are part of a larger gaming company. Caesars Entertainment is everywhere but MGM, Boyd and Penn National Gaming are all large national concerns with some presence in Las Vegas and, if you’ve played a little bit with your local affiliate, you might get an offer to stay with them in our favorite gambling destination. Caesars is famous for gving away rooms to most anyone who smells a little bit like a gambler so it is worth logging into your account online and looking at the calendar. Keep in mind that these are likely to be the least desirable rooms at their less glamorous properties but free is free, except for the hefty resort fees and you’ll pay those most anywhere. But regardless of the company, if you’ve played with them at all, it might be worth checking to see if they’ll give you a break on a room at one of their Las Vegas properties. But what if they don’t know you at all? Tomorrow, we explore some strategies for turning your first visit to a casino into great room offers!

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