Make Beautiful New Year Memories With Your Beloved in Goa

Another year is almost at its end and a brand new beginning is knocking at our door. Open up, and let the promise of togetherness, trust and love flow in. Leave all the frustrations, stress and everything that is bothering you as in this blog, we have articulated the best tips for New Year Celebration with style at a reasonable Goa couple package for Christmas & New Year:

1. Go Cruising and dance the day away

Cruising and dance

In Goa, you will receive a variety of options for a sparkling nightlife, but our personal pick would be cruising on the wonderful Mandovi waters. Move your body and drown yourself in the live DJ music and party on into a brand new year. If you wish, relish the taste of Goa Cashew Feni too!

2. Cherish the solitude under a sky full of stars

You can walk down the beach or the road beside, hand in hand with your partner, or watch the night sky sitting on the beach on a blanket. If you wish, you can also arrange a sort of mini night picnic with your partner with hot steaming coffee and sandwiches.

3. Engage in water sports and other fun activities

watersports and other fun activities goa

Now if both of you have a crazy adventure streak in you and do not really want to sit quietly but have a wild and fun time, then enjoy the water sports and other fun options near Calangute Beach. Go parasailing, kayaking, wind-surfing, water skiing, water snorkelling, and the list never stops!

4. Beach Parties come for FREEEEEE

Beach Parties

Party hard! Mix and befriend strangers and have a time of your life surrounded by dance, music, salty atmosphere, and the calls of sea-birds with the sea as the backdrop. Moreover, there is nothing to pay here as it is actually meant for all who are willing to have some fun!

5. Go to a nightclub if you wish

nightclub goa

There are various famous nightclubs there in Goa sporting perfect and catchy music you would love to sync your steps with. Take your partner and have some drinks and lose yourself amidst the maddening nightlife and tick away the clock into a Happy New Year. Spread good vibes and wish for a wonderful life while doing a party!

6. Full moon party at Anjuna Beach

Now if you are searching for places to visit in North Goa at night, then why not go to Anjuna Beach and be a part of the full moon party. There are several resorts, hotel, pubs, and nightclubs here; so we do not think you will ever get bored.

Follow the above tips in order to indulge in the best of the best New Year of your lifetime. Welcome to Goa, it has been waiting for you to show you what celebration actually looks like! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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