Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling on Business in Melbourne

It can be difficult for people who routinely travel on business to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They tend to eat fast food for convenience and speed at lunchtime. They might be expected to wine and dine prospective clients, which can lead to eating rich, calorie-laden meals and drinking a little too much alcohol. One way to stay healthier while doing a lot of business travel is to stay in a Boutique Hotel that has kitchens in the suites. With a refrigerator, freezer compartment and stove, many of the meals can be prepared in the room.

Advantages of In-Room Kitchens

This option has the advantage of allowing the person to keep lower-calorie, lower-fat and more nutritious foods on hand all the time. Snacks can be made up to eat in the car; these might include some chopped vegetables and fruit. On evenings when this man or woman doesn’t have business meetings, picking up takeout from a restaurant with many healthy food offerings is convenient. Leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator. This person can also keep some cans of soup or light frozen dinners in the suite.

Nearby Restaurants

Many boutique hotels have a restaurant in the building or nearby so guests don’t have to take taxicabs or find public transport when they want to get some food that’s already been prepared. In an urban setting close to the main business district, a large number of dining establishments may be within walking distance. The hotel guest will probably be able to view menus online and plan ahead what will be good to order.

These advantages allow a guest at a hotel such as Treasury on Collins to balance out the dietary experiences. No doubt, there still will be time crunches when fast food seems like the best option, and there also will be business dinners that pack in the calories. Being able to eat a salad or a lean chicken sandwich for lunch sometimes in the suite saves money and cuts down on the heavy meal intake.


Staying in this setting also means the hotel guest can walk to many places, which will help to burn off some of those calories. During free time, this individual might want to shop at some specialty stores or see museums and art galleries. This particular hotel also has a small fitness center that is open 24 hours a day. People who like to start their days with a workout will be glad to have this amenity in the building.

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