Linq Updates

It wasn’t too many months past that I had to report on the final days of the Tag bar at the Linq. In addition to friendly bartenders and a fun setting, Tag bar featured a tremendous variety of different beers and, as long as you were playing, you could try as many as you wanted on the house. The variety of craft beers is largely gone. In its place is a kind of millennial sports bar. Fortunately some of the same friendly barkeeps are there but now the focus is on the big game and the big tab. There are little pods around the bar that can be rented out for a beverage minimum with cushy couches, multi-screen television monitors and internet gaming. From what I could tell, the minimum is around $200 and likely only goes up during major events. There is also an area called Beer Yourself with over a dozen self service taps you can access and a food truck style eatery called Sticky Chicken. It looked decent. The sports book is now situated right by the bar and the old sports book is walled off, soon to serve another purpose. One of the old bartenders remembered me and apologized for the crappy beer selection but it isn’t any worse than any other casino bar and is still kind of fun place to hang out and play. We’ll see how the new format is received, but it is not my cup of tea.

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