Let’s Fly Away

Traveling is a passion of mine that I hope never goes away. After my current trip to Hawaii, I realized that I never want to stop moving. I started making a list of all the places I want to go and while some are where most want to go such as London, Madrid, Tokyo, Havana and a few others. I also want to go to Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, South Korea and a few places that are not on the map of tourists. My list keeps growing and my bank keeps screaming to put the most important first and to start planning financially since just a round trip to Tokyo is about $1500 right now. Other than actually getting to the destination housing is just as important! Luckily, I landed myself a job that will change the way I travel for good and how I vacation. I work for Marriott. This massive company has more than 7,000 different hotel brands and is found all over the world. I have fun just looking at the hotels the company has to offer as some of them are so extravagant and amazing art pieces!

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One of the main reasons that I want to travel so much is because as a Communications major, I have a love for cultures! Japan and South Korea are high on my list of places to travel because their culture is so rich and has centuries of history running through it that seeing it first hand is something that I have dreamed about. From traditional dishes to wanting to stay in a traditional house, there are also hot springs, the bath houses, and just the way people interact with each other can lead to forming grandiose memories. So research is one of the first things I do! Which is what everyone does I know but my research is more on the culture than places to go. For example, in some countries pointing with one finger can be considered as bad as flipping the bird here in America. Not a lot of people look into the smaller details of the country they are looking to go travel in and I feel like it should play a major part because we are entering their home. In my opinion in order to have a great adventure somewhere being considerate of where we are can lead to locals being more likely to show us places and things that they normally wouldn’t show tourists. Being in the center of a neighborhood rather than a hotel circle can provide a new perspective on how people live where you’re going.

When I traveled to Hawaii and did a vacation in Flagstaff, Arizona I went through Airbnb. This site is a great way to get fully immersed in the communities you are traveling to but you do have to be careful about the ones you choose. The one in Hawaii was advertised as a condo; small but seemed to hold enough space for us to sleep in. The biggest mistake my travel partner and I made was not really looking at what the condo held but more just at the price. This condo was more like a hotel room than a condo. There was no kitchen not even a mini fridge! So our plans to make sandwiches and have fruit in the room so we didn’t have to go out often ultimately failed. While it was only $800 for the week we were staying we missed out on being able to store food and paid equal value with all the meals we had to pay for. So you are going to want to be sure that you do not compromise simply because it is a cheaper option.

My next trip is coming up fast as my friend and I are planning it for around the end of August and the beginning of September. We are planning on going to New Orleans! I am still recovering from Hawaii and the business I work for has slowed down considerably for the summer so I am getting less hours which means I am going to have to be careful with my money. I have written a few blogs about how I handle my money for trips and I think trying to do a couple back to back is going to be difficult but my mind is set. We are going! I know I will have enough money and will be able to afford going on such a trip if I plan it right and I keep working hard. Mindsets are still very important even when they seem like they don’t fit into the scenario. A positive mindset keeps you from being discouraged and that leads to you wanting to work harder and finding the money you need. I know I will have it and I know it will come to me! Money seems more scarce than it actually is. So, when planning a great trip be excited and be happy because you are going to go somewhere amazing. You can do it and not worry about what happens afterwards because living in the moment creates some great memories!


Being Healthy:

Affirmation: you are capable of doing wonderful and amazing things!

Full Body Workout:

All done at comfortable weight zone

3 sets of 25

Chest presses laying down

3 sets of 10

Skull crushers

Bent over Butterfly

Inclined dumbbell flies

3 sets of 10

Lap pull downs

Lap pull downs standing (10 towards forehead/ 10 towards chin/ 10 towards chest)

3 sets going in 5 steps and out 5 steps while swinging rope

3 sets of 10

Step ups (at a comfortable height)

One handed Kettle bell Swings (10 L/R)

Sumo squats

Good mornings (with bar weight)

Abs workout: Same as last week

15 mind stretch



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