Langkawi 2018

What we thought would be just another trip abroad turned out to be one of the most chaotic and eventful trips we have ever had! Located off the mainland of Malaysia, the Island of Langkawi is breathtakingly beautiful. While driving, you’ll see the beautiful high hills on one side of the road and gorgeous blue water on the other.

We stayed at the gorgeous Destini Akef Villa and it had a pool and delicious complimentary breakfast. They had the sweetest staff and a cute little cat that seemed to love to sleep in the treadmill!

And even with sickness and other obstacles we still did many activities!

We even rode the steepest cable car in the world! And yep, it was as scary as it sounds!

The three days in Langkawi was absolutely amazing! And even though it was not possible to do everything in three days (even staying there a month would not satisfy me), we did a lot and I can’t wait to go back!

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