Know some tips for learning best yoga course in India

Yoga is one of the best practices in world for health and keeps you healthy if you practice yoga in daily life. It is a wonderful experience to have yoga practices during your holiday tour to give a peaceful and quality time to yourself. If you visit to Nainital or near place in Uttarakhand for making holidays and spending quality time with your beloved ones, you can have quality services of yoga practices in the near places. Cottage Nirvana is one recommended as the 1st rank by the trip advisor to have yoga practices during your visit to Nainital or near places in Uttarakhand. The cottage is supported by the Auyrved sutra and OCS foundation for providing quality services in Uttarakhand. Yoga is best for health body and peaceful mind. There are many yoga courses in India and is well practiced in different parts of India with different facilitator. The environment of the yoga practice makes it perfect for enriching you with the benefits of yoga and things become icing on cake if you are practicing yoga with expert trainers.Yoga courses in India

Tips for choosing the best yoga course in India

  1. Mixed curriculum of different yoga styles – Yoga is ancient practice that was done in India from more than 5000 years before at least. When you will search over the internet about yoga course, you will find different yoga courses in India with mixed and confusing terms like hatha, asthanga, hot yoga, power yoga and kundalini jagran etc. You may get confused that which one to choose. Let us help you. You should follow our recommendation that go with the course that is offering best combination of hatha and ashtanga the two core practice in your yoga tours in India. These two practices are most important and will open up the doors of self-learning of other styles of the yoga in it.

  2. A place with a legacy – If you are going to follow your call of learning yoga. Instead of visiting any non-descriptive place, why not to visit any good spiritual place to learn yoga. Your yoga tours should belong to place like Rishikesh or Uttarakhand where spiritual energy is more than other places in India for learning yoga. Attending any yoga center in such places will help you will be in touch with yogis and you will attend yoga seminars as these lands are known for yoga practices in India. You will gain much knowledge and deepen your yoga experience.

  3. Inclusion of the cultural trips in the package – Whether you are going up for a one week yoga course or monthly course, do check that the centre is providing some cultural trips along with yoga course or not. An exposure of cultural trip with yoga course will give you a world view of the yoga and you will learn more from the diversities there. Do check your yoga package with cultural trip.

  4. Traditional line of teachingYoga course is a new chapter of learning the art of ancient yoga. As per western yoga experts, it is like another body exercise for them but in India the traditional channels of yoga focuses more on the mind-body harmony. Go through the profiles of the yoga course you want to sign up and check the traditional lineage of the yoga teachers or masters.

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