This Lush green landscape is located on the Southwestern Malabar coast of India, covering approximately 38,863 km2 (15,005 sq mi). Bordered by Karnataka to the north, Tamil Nadu to the east and south, and the Arabian Sea to the west, Kerala flaunts natural ethnic diversity. This stunningly beautiful land has everything – a myriad mixture of various cultures, exotic wildlife, sprawling backwaters, lush greenery all around, not to speak of the exquisite cuisine prepared exclusively for you.

Without further ado, let us explore God’s Own Country and its many facets.

Cuisine: They call food an art and surely Kerala has the best artwork in culinary. The taste of cuisine prepared in Kerala cannot be described in words; this is an experience you really have to cherish in person.

To begin with, the breakfast staple is Puttu – cylindrical shaped steamed rice cake cooked in a mold with grated coconut. To complete the dish, Puttu is served with Kadala curry, made of black chickpeas with shallots, spices and coconut milk. Appam is another Keralan staple made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. It’s similar to a thin pancake with crispy edges. Malabar Parotta with Kerala beef curry, made of Layered flatbread that originated in the Malabar region called Parotta is made by kneading maida (plain flour), egg (in some recipes), oil or ghee and water, served with beef curry would keep you going for more. Next stop would be Thalassery biriyani, a rice biryani, influenced by the Thalassery seaport, which was a center of export during the colonial period. Is the most common dish in the Muslim community. To forget a fish platter would be a sin because Kerala’s traditional delicacies revolve around Seafood. One of the most famous seafood is Karimeen or pearl spot fish. It is a speckled fish commonly found in the backwaters of this state. This is traditionally a Syrian Christian delicacy but has become part of Kerala’s rich cuisine.

Festivals: This paradise has got it all-from authentic cuisine to the most colorful festivals in India. One of the most important festivals in Kerala is Onam. It is celebrated to honour Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu and homecoming of King Mahabali. The best time to visit Kerala is during Onam celebration, to enjoy dance performances, boat races, music, and rituals. Vishu is another festival to remember, celebrating the first day of the Malayali year. Attukal Pongala is a popular festival dedicated to Attukal Devi and it is the largest religious gathering of women in Kerala. Last but not the least Christmas. It is the most decorated gathering in the world and in Kerala over a quarter of the population celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Art forms: No festival is complete without the exhibition of their local dance and art forms. Kerala is known to represent a vibrant set of performing arts. Kathakali is one among them. It is the famous dance form with the most elaborate costuming from Kerala. Mohiniyattam is another famous classical dance performed by women as Hindu god Vishnu. Onapottan and Padayani are ceremonial and traditional dance forms performed with painted face and as a ritual act respectively.

People: Call it multiculturalism or ethnic mosaic, Kerala is culturally diverse and yet at the same time socially unified. In terms of diversity, Kerala has the most varied religious composition with roughly 27% Muslims, 18% Christians and 55% Hindus, coexisting beautifully. Yet Majority of the population up to 92% speak the official language Malayalam, thus creating a cultural homogeneity that cuts across virtually every social distinction imaginable. As per education, Kerala boasts 93.91% literacy compared to the national literacy rate of 74.04%. Since they have a high literacy rate they have a commendable social system, where the mother is the head of the household. Following a tradition of matrilineal inheritance. As a result, women in Kerala have had a much higher standing and influence in the society.

Places of interest: : Land of coconuts, Malabar land, land of backwaters and elephants are few of the names given to Kerala and it has been one of the most sought-after places by travelers from all around the world. There are spellbinding vacation spots like Munnar, Wayanad, Vagamon, Malumpuza, which represent hill station, green paradise, meadows, garden and picturesque view all combined. Coming to backwaters Alleppey and Kumarakom are perfect spots to weave a feel of calmness and beauty around you. While Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram provide a blend of cosmo and city life. Visit Varkala, Kovalam, Bekal or Marari to feel the endless golden sands and a never ending stretch of sea line.

Kumarakom is a sleepy little helmet with exotic backwaters and flora and fauna. The place offers boating, houseboat cruising, fishing, and sightseeing. Sailing through the relaxed wealthy waters of Kumarakom in an experience in Kerala in itself.

Situated near the Vembanad Lake, The Zuri Kumarakom, resort and spa offers breathtaking views of the serene backwaters, colorful local culture, the mouth-watering local cuisine, a wide variety of spa treatments and an unforgettable experience of luxury and peace.


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