Jamaica: Milk River Hotel and Mineral Spa-an underappreciated treasure

THE STAR took a journey to one of Jamaica’s unappreciated treasures, the Milk River Hotel and Mineral Spa in Clarendon.

The journey was not an easy one as it was a bumpy ride. The team was greeted by General Manager Diane Sommerville, who said that the bath is more than 200 years old.

Recently, it was added to the list of places in Jamaica that are considered heritage sites, and according to Sommerville, it deserves the recognition.

She said that for a night, one can pay $10,550 for two persons, and they will be exposed to Jamaica’s fine cuisine of curried goat and oxtail for dinner and some sweet Jamaican breakfast.

She said that their busy seasons are holidays and some weekends, but people always pass through for the healing properties of the mineral water.


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