InterContinental Bandung – Panoramic Perfection

InterContinental Bandung is a five-star luxury hotel. It has the best view that i’ve never got before since i’ve stayed in Bandung hotels. InterContinental Hotels has been in other countries and other cities in Indonesia, owned by IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) based in Denham, Great Britain. There have been 205 InterContinental hotels worldwide. InterContinental Bandung builds in Dago Pakar district. Dago Pakar as one of the main tourist location visited by comer and indigenous. When you first arrived here, you will be amazed. I stayed here in August 2017, for my work trip.


The hotel located at Dago Pakar is near from main culinary restaurants Bandung, such as Cocorico Cafe, The Valley Cafe, The Congo Cafe, and all the prestigious cafe located at Dago Pakar. However, the location a bit far from the hotel area to Cisangkuy Yoghurt it’s about 8,3 km.


InterContinental Bandung has 8 types of rooms, Classic, Premium, Premium Room With Golf View, Club InterContinental Panorama, Club InterContinental, Kembang Villa, Keraton Suite, and Presidential Suite, please check for more details of rooms here:

The different type of rooms are spacious room and view exactly!. Which is for any room you booked you will have a great panorama. The incredible panorama that you’ll have got appropriate what room you’re booking, the panorama and view such as a stunning panoramic view overlooking Bandung skyline, lush green spaces of mountain view golf course, or swimming pool and golf course view.

Two years ago i took Premium Room With Golf View. A whole room was taken carpet on, it is due to the weather quite freeze, and the room keeps you warm. The bathroom was placed on behind the TV wall, and it has two doors into the bathroom.

You have to know that the floor was very clean, it looks like the hotel had a good hospitality. It doesn’t slippery, easy to dry, excellent!.


The property provided a gorgeous nature panorama and the city skyline, a golf yard, lush green, the mountain, and you can see other building and resident’s house lower than you. The main thing is you able to feel a soft wind, had a dazzling calm moment when you’re sitting down at the outside. It’s worth it for you to vanishing a while your any problems, and when you’re enjoying the view it would make you happier in no time.

Captured from the left side of my room, it’s got very happy moment to see this. It’s so much beautiful and flawless which the sun lighting the pool and the lush green. I deeply in love with the view.

You can watch all entire city during swimming. How much expensive you have to earn here, it is worth it. I’m thrilled by staying at the hotel only, it had been my complete holiday.


The hotel restaurant filled with my favourite menu that i never on it. Guess what? there be four types of milk, tasty cake and pudding, very good soup, tasty fried rice, lovely fish and meats, and particularly its omelette! like i was sitting down here while having breakfast. It’s gonna be good memorable and get an impression.

How so coooooooool ! It’s a slight of perfection. The atmosphere and the moment here would make you dazzling calm.

The pudding combines with fruit, which is very tasteful. The mini slice cake has also good taste seems like the perfect balance between the decoration and the taste. That is a yoghurt plain and to be my favourite one. The peach cake also very good as you eat it, it’s gonna be like a soft cake.

It’s becoming the first one i met all variant of milk in the hotel restaurant, those are Soya Milk, Full Milk, Low Fat Milk, and Skim Milk. Which i would like doing something trial like i mix my cereal into all variants the kinds of milk.

Extra Complimentary:

These toiletries complimentary from the hotel, include shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, shower gels and soaps. Let me tell you, the smell of those toiletries were pretty good, it was like jasmine perfume. Anyway, I have something my favourite one, yap! Dilmah tea bags on my coffee table, all those tea bags I collected for every single day i stayed.

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