Industry Secrets: What Hoteliers Do Not Want You to Know


“Great service creates great guest advocates for your hotel. Give guests great service and they will have a great reason to tell others how great your hotel is!” –The Appraiser


Much like any other industry, hotel chains have a few secrets of their own too—and more often than not, these are something they would not likely wish for you to find out. After all, any hotel–whether that may be a five star one such as Seda Hotel Nuvali or a relatively obscure one that has only earned a couple of stars—is so much more than just a place to stay the night.

From what the front desk staff knows about you to getting a free room upgrade, here are some of the most surprising and interesting hotel secrets and hoteliers you do not want to know:


Your secret affair is not exactly a secret

More often than not, front desk employees are well aware if the woman you are bringing into your room is not your wife. This is especially true if two different women check in with you at night and in the afternoon.  Regardless of how discreet you think you are being, a front desk staff would know better. It is not that they approve however, they just do not care. You might want to keep that in mind the next time you try to come up with a bumbling excuse of why you are paying in cash in a city you are supposedly living in.

You can get a room upgrade without paying for the exorbitant price tag

Although this is purely case-to-case basis and would usually depend on how lenient or stringent hotel policies are, it would still be worth the try. True enough, hotel rooms differ in size, amenities and their resulting price categories. If you wish to have a better room without forking up for the hefty price tag, call the reservations desk and ask if a corner room is available. Corner rooms are usually situated as far away from the elevators which would mean that you would virtually hear no pinging bells and there would be less noise from footsteps. Furthermore, the views are better seeing as they are usually a lot more spacious. Technically, however, these rooms are not actually categorized as an upgrade, so you would virtually get the same room for the same price. However, if they are priced higher than an ordinary room, explain that you are a light sleeper and would need to be in a room away from street noise and heavy footfalls.

You do not have to pay for the bottled water

In some cases, this is no secret but some hotel guests would feel constrained to buy bottled water prior to checking-in to minimize the possibility of having to pay for the pricey bottled water inside the mini-bar. However, most hotels offer bottled water for free to their guests and would routinely refill them every single day so long as you ask for housekeeping. More importantly, the coffee and tea sachets found on your desk are yours free of charge as well so you might want to take advantage of that.

You can lounge around longer for free

Hotel checkout times would vary depending on the hotel establishment but more often than not, the 3PM check-in and 11AM checkout times are not as strict as some might think. In this regard, you can lounge around a little longer without stressing about checkout or just do some sightseeing before leaving. Depending on hotel policy, some might charge you a little extra for early arrivals and late departures, but most hotels would be receptive to extending an hour or two to accommodate you if the hotel is not full. Typically, they would be most lenient on the quietest days of the week wherein there would be a fewer number of incoming guests. With this in mind, choose the date of your stay wisely and you might not have to ask at all. However, always check rather than assume so that you would not be foisted with an additional charge by the time you check out and leave.

You can celebrate any occasion

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary, graduation or even a promotion on your job, it pays to let the hotel in the know. To ensure you have a memorable stay, they would go to great lengths to set up your room and might even give you a free upgrade. Alternatively, they might send you some flowers, cake or wine. It never hurts to try. However, keep in mind that you are not advised to lie about your birthdays as they would likely see your passport the moment you check in.

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