Indulge In Temptations At Gajapati Restaurant And Bar In Puri

When you visit a new place, food is always one of the top priorities. If you get to savour the delicious food items, it becomes a priceless holidaying experience. Puri Holiday Resort understands that. Along with the fine-dining restaurant, Fusion, this Puri hotel offers Gajapati, a multi-cuisine restaurant which is among the best in town.

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Located in the heart of the town, Puri Holiday Resort looks after its guests’ needs very well. And, the food and dining experiences are A-one. If you’re in Puri and want to appease your taste buds, a visit to the Gajapati Restaurant is a must. Its speciality? It’s not only a fine-dining multi-cuisine restaurant, but also has a bar open for people who want to indulge in drinking exotic drinks. It is the best restaurant with bar in Puri.

Interiors of The Gajapati look very artistic which make the atmosphere spectacular in there. The sophisticated and classy decor, cosy lighting, peaceful balcony seats all add to the amazing ambience of this Restaurant In Puri. The yellow and brown hues will have a soothing effect on your minds. The combination of delicious food items served to you as well as the restaurant environment makes your stay in this hotel in Puri a delightful one.

Coming to the cuisines, at Gajapati Restaurant and Bar, you’ll be served various Indian, Asian and International delicacies. The chefs are known to be one of the best in Eastern India and can bring together highly palatable ingredients to prepare finger-licking items for you. The food served here at this Puri Beach Resort is loved by travellers equally and they have time and again reviewed it as “Excellent”, “Delicious” and “Yummy”.

Suppose you need to try out completely vegetarian or vegan dishes, there are amazing options under those categories as well. No matter what kind of dish you want, our Chefs will brew it up for you making sure you receive a gustatory pleasure. Puri Holiday Resort isn’t the best restaurant near Puri Beach for nothing.

People often crave for desserts after a scrumptious meal and at The Gajapati, Puri Holiday Resort serves you special Odisha desserts you’ll fall in love with. Your taste buds will be on a roll!

But how’s the service at The Gajapati? Classy and incomparable! The attendants are prompt and are very professional in their approach. All your needs and demands will be well taken care of at this Puri beach resort.

If you’re in Puri or have plans to visit the town soon, choose Puri Holiday Resort as your destination and make the most of its services. You can also visit the fine-dining multi-cuisine restaurant and bar, The Gajapati, in Puri if you want to relish one of the best tasting delicacies in town.

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