Back from Las Vegas and back to daily updates here on the blog. A few thoughts on the state of things in the city.

1. Hard to describe just how hockey crazy things are right now. Of course a successful team always tends to attract a crowd but this feels different. Locals have just never had this experience before and it seems to be helping pull the community together.

2. I am a bit late to the game on this one but the Downtown Las Vegas experience is much different and more diverse than ever before. It isn’t just the Strip’s poor cousin and it doesn’t just revolve around the traditional casino experience any more. The crowd is younger and the development here feels more organic and entrepreneurial than in the past.

3. There are actually big, new casino projects in the works, even if they are only in their infancy. The last major hotel development was at City Center. There have been remodels and reboots since then but nothing brand spanking new. The 18 Fremont development, Resorts World and the Drew are going to be massive projects and significantly alter the landscape of the North Strip and Downtown over the next several years.

4. Ride share is huge and is putting a big dent in the taxicab business. The business model seems ideal for the city and its work force and, at a time when the cost of everything is rising, it is actually reducing prices for visitors. Hotels still seem to be struggling with how to accommodate this new “thing” but finding pickup spots is much easier now than a few years ago.

I will review a few things I did over the next week or so and continue to summarize some of the impressions I had of the state of things in everyone’s favorite adult playground.

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