How to Travel Cheap

Most people I know have this idea that I am super rich and that is the only explanation for how I am able to travel so much. I think people just have this ingrained into their mind since when most people go on vacation they blow through a ton of money to have this amazing time. If you know how to travel smartly, you can go on so many more vacations for the same amount of many. Here are the key steps to how I travel cheaply.

1. Flights


If you have not been paying attention lately, it is super cheap to fly now. But alas there is a catch, I mean they have to make their money some other way. The way they do this is by only allowing a free item that will fit under your seat (ie a backpack or large bag). So, they get a large majority of their money by charging for a checked or carry on bag. How do I get by this? I bring a backpack and in my backpack, I use a space saver bag, you can honestly fit so much this way. I recently went to Europe for 2 weeks on a backpack alone and had no problem!

Another way they get their money is by charging for any drinks (even water) and food. I always make sure to buy a water bottle at the airport before the flight since it is vastly cheaper. For food, I will usually eat beforehand and bring a snack in case I get hungry mid-flight, especially if its a long flight.

Here are some of the airlines I usually use:

Spirit Airlines- Around America
Allegiant Airlines- Around America
Wizz Air- Around Europe
Norwegian Air- the US to Europe

2. Hostels


One of the big money suckers is hotels, hostels are vastly cheaper. I don’t get peoples fascination with staying in hotels. I mean it is private, but if you think about it you are rarely in your room since you’re usually out exploring (or should be). I personally think it is a great experience to stay in hostels, on my recent trip I stayed in multiple and met some great people along the way.

Most hostels will cost $10-$50 a night, which is way better than paying $100-$200.

3. Alcohol


I know most of us out there like to indulge in alcohol when traveling. One big cost saving measure is to buy your own alcohol and pregame. When staying in a hostel you will see many people doing this and makes it a fun pre-party. Then a lot of hostels will have a bar and that is usually a bit cheaper to drink in.

At one point you will want to go out and find some bars to part at also. For this, I will either ask locals or use yelp to figure out the best places to go.

Protip: If you do stay at a hotel NEVER buy alcohol there, it is always way overpriced.

4. Food


Food is also similar to alcohol, where it is best to go and buy your own and not go out super often. Another benefit to staying at hostels is that most of them have a community kitchen that you can use to cook food. Then if I want to go out and experience some good food I will use yelp or ask someone who lives there.


Feel free to email me with any questions!




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