How To Squeeze Out A Bit More Value During Your Hotel Visits

Staying in a big and luxurious hotel during your foreign visits could be a costly affair. You need to pay a hefty amount and many times, you do not even get the expected services.

However, if you know some tips and tricks to get some extra assistance from the hotel, you could actually get services worth every penny you pay.


Here are some of the tips which you can follow:

If They Offer Fast-Track Tickets: Find out if the hotel offers fast-track tickets to the nearby tourist destinations, where you would need to waste your time in the ticket counter. If they offer this, you can save much of your day’s time. Many hotels near Victoria Station in London offer such facilities.

You Can Borrow Some Stuff: Hotels have lots of stuff that you can borrow for free. For instance, you can borrow umbrellas, lint rollers, razors, hair straighteners, yoga mats, phone charges, and hair ties etc. for free from the hotel.

You Can Stay In Your Room A Bit Extra: If you reached the hotel a bit early, you can ask the hotel to check you in earlier, if it does not have other guests. Besides, you can also stay a bit longer if your flight got delayed. All this would be absolutely free if the hotel does not have other visitors for the room.

Special Day Treats: If you inform the hotel that you are throwing a surprise party for your loved one, or coming for a honeymoon, they could offer some extras in the form of chocolates, champagne, flowers and other elements absolutely free.

Ask For In-Room Breakfast: You might get up late in the morning and by then, the hotel would have wrapped up its breakfast service. To prevent this, ask the managers at night itself to deliver your breakfast in the room the next morning.

Toiletries Are For Free: Yes, you can take away the sweet-smelling soaps, shampoos, hair lotions and other usable stuff provided to you. However, remember that you could be penalized for taking the hotel towels, bathrobe, or the television.

Choose A Corner Room: Corner rooms a bigger in space and quieter than the normal ones. If you are booking the hotel in advance, call them and ask to get a corner room for you.

You Can Change Your Room: If your room has some unwanted problems such as lack of amenities, non-working air conditioner, filthy bed or beddings, littered toilet or security issues etc., call the managers and get it resolved soon. Or else, you can even ask them to change your room.

While you pay a good per-day charge, compromising on any aspect is generally not acceptable. So to get better value for your money, you can use the tips above and ensure that you get the best of their services.

Besides, if you are visiting a grand city such as London, even the cheap Bed and breakfast type stays in Central London can also offer you a great value for your money.

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