How to plan for a trip abroad

Now, I know every person’s trip abroad is completely different. Where you go, what you want to eat, where you will stay and all that. Getting started can seem overwhelming, A great website to get the ideas flowing is Value Penguin. The biggest part of any budget almost always how you are getting there and traveling within your trip.When going to a new country it is smart to look up what the public transportation is through the city. Taking taxis everywhere can get pricey, so it definitely can be helpful to know if the city you are visiting has a public transit or bus system. Sometimes cities are completely walkable for the most part, especially if you plan out what you are doing of specific days so keep that in mind as well!

On to food, my speciality. The best way to plan is to research multiple platforms and find some of your “must-eat” meals. Finding video blogs like Mark Wiens on your next destination can at least inspire what kind of food you will be eating and maybe even find some places to go. Picking a couple of dinner restaurants that you want to go to (and getting a reservation can’t hurt) will ease the stress of the trip for sure. Nothing is more frustrating than being starved and you can’t find a restaurant you want to eat at. Doing research on my own was sometimes my favorite thing. You can get excited about the food you will be trying soon! Need help getting started on your research? TravelZoo has great tips for things to look for, such as booking a culinary tour, which can really connect you with the food and culture.

Finding a place to stay is almost as much fun as finding restaurants to eat at. I absolutely love Airbnb. I have found incredible deals for great locations and it is awesome to feel homey in a foreign city and have had only great experiences. It doesn’t come with some amenities that hotels have, but I do think sometimes it is worth it. If you want to do a cheaper trip go towards the hostels, if you want to go all out, go for a 5 star hotel. The only thing I will say is that pay attention to location when you are booking. Try to think about what areas you want to spend most of you time in and find a convenient location, because it can get very annoying if you have to take a 20 minute taxi to the area you want to spend most of your time in. It might be worth it to pay a little extra every night and not have to pay for that transportation cost. My favorite find was a small villa outside of Napels in Mount Vesuvius at a winery called Cantina del Vesuvio and the villa had the most amazing view for an incredible price. Just by digging a little through Airbnb I found a place that gave me memories for a lifetime.

Mt. Vesuvius winery

Last but not least, the fun part! Your personal expenses is anything and everything you chose to do. This counts for museums/admissions for things or any excursions you want to take. Research what is fun to do in your area and what other people have found is important. I found a lot of great things on TripAdvisor which also has reviews on them so you know what you are getting into. My favorite excursion I have ever done was paraglide over the Swiss Alps. It was about 200 euro, but worth every penny to me. Find out the things you enjoy and honestly if you can, buy as many tickets in advance as you can! Having that expense already spent can help you budget for other things.

Paragliding in

All in all, like I said, it just depends on what kind of trip you want to take, but the best thing you can do to get an idea of what your trip is going to look like is to researchIt doesn’t have to be boring, make it exciting, you are planning a trip you will never forget! So make sure when you do so, find the things that will give you the most joy. Who knows, you may even eat your favorite meal of all time and you don’t even know it yet.



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