How I get Marriott Platinum elite status

Marriott has 6 status tiers: member, silver (15 nights), gold (25 nights), platinum (50 nights), platinum premier (75 nights) and platinum premier with ambassador (100 nights + $20,000 spent on Marriott). Platinum premier with ambassador for most people makes no sense; platinum premier is almost identical to platinum; platinum is the best balance between benefit and cost to achieve it.

What is the benefit for platinum status?

  • Welcome gift, including points, free breakfast for two and other amenity;
  • 50% bonus points;
  • Room upgrade, including standard suite;
  • Lounge access;
  • 4 pm late check-out;
  • Annual gift choice.

In the last article, I said Residence Inn Braintree is my 50th stay in 2018. So did I really stay in Marriott hotels 50 nights?

The answer is: not even close!


As you can see, actually I only stayed for 7 nights! How could I even do this?

At first, I never thought I could make it. However, after I got Marriott business card, I found I was credited 30 elite nights (I should only get 15 nights)! Plus 5 elite nights I got from SPG card, I instantly had 35 elite nights. I have a hope. My classmate Endle’s parents were visiting Boston, he nicely asked me to book a room for his parents. And I know I have a free certificate to use (free night counts as elite night), so I am just 8 nights short. Before Aug 26, Marriott Business card has a perk that you can earn 1 elite night for every $3000 spend, so I paid $24,000 for rent in advance.

This is the story for how I achieve 50 nights to qualify platinum elite status. One benefit for staying 50/75 nights in a single year is annual gift. It’s not that common, so I screenshoted the webpage.

  • Once you reach 50/75 nights stay, you can visit Marriott website to choose your annual gift.

Screenshot 2018-10-31_18-27-21-822

  • You need to confirm your choice. After confirmation, you can’t change your choice. I chose 5 suite certificates.

Screenshot 2018-10-31_18-28-30-250

  • After you confirm it, it will be deposited into your account.


I want to thank my parents. Without their support of $24,000, this wouldn’t happen. So I plan to take them to several famous places in 2019, also consume all my points and suite certificates. Stay tuned!

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