Hotels run by slumlords conspire against your Califoria Rights.

August 2, 2018

Yesterday my mom figuared out that the hotels run by slumlords from India conspire against your California Rights.

In California all of the hotels run by slumlords from India that we have stayed in kick out those they don’t like despite if your living in a hotel in California and your paying monthly you are a resident and the owner is required to give you 30 days written notice.

The places we usally stay at have gotten caught doing that and now they given those living there 30 days written notice before they changed their rules to get around the resident laws.

The place I stayed at previously no longer allows those to pay monthly but can only pay weekly at the most but can continue paying weekly for as long as they want to.

The current place me & my mom are staying at changed their rules so you can stay monthly but you can only pay for 2 weeks at a time and you have to change rooms every 2 week so they get around the resident laws and kick out anybody at anytime that they want without giving any notice. the new rules don’t apply to at least 2 demented psychos (1 an elderly white guy meth addict and the other an elderly white guy always threatning to kill my mom and both are “24 hour alcoholics”) in 2 different rooms that I lived nextdoor to who have been staying at this place since at least December 2017.

Also the hotels run by slumlords from India don’t provide the papers I require to get a State ID so I can vote in California.

I’m sharing this information because I don’t like how the hotels run by slumlords from india treat their hired help at their hotels and how they treat their paying customer’s staying at their hotels.

Love peace and harmony
Live a long healthy and happy life,

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