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Have you recently caught the travel bug but feel discouraged because of the large expenses that come along with it? Don’t let money be the sole reason holding you back. To help you have an experience of a lifetime, here are four hacks that can make traveling possible when you’re broke.

Make travel a priority

What kind of things do you often find yourself spending your extra cash on during the week? Rather than splurging on eating out or treating yourself to a new pair of shoes, start putting that money to a travel fund. If you don’t, you will continue to spend your money elsewhere and find yourself never having enough to travel. Put aside a money goal, cut out the extra spending, and you will be surprised by how much money you can accumulate over a short period of time.

Research and book in advance

You will need to research a destination that not only captures your interest but fits your budget plan, too. Keep in mind that traveling to more unique countries or going during their low season can actually save you money. Sure, the flights may still be high in cost, but if you travel to countries in places like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe or Africa, the accommodations and activities tend to be cheap.

Prices can go up as your trip date comes closer, so plan in advance and snag the best deals for yourself.

Choose hostels over hotels

Hostels can cost as little as a couple of dollars per night versus hotels that can charge up to $150 per night. You can use the Hostelworld app, a free app that many backpackers use to find the cheapest and best-rated living accommodations in each country. Also, hostels sometimes offer free food, so you can stock up with some snacks to last you a couple of meals and help save money.

Staying in a hostel is all part of the authentic travel experience and will make your trip even more memorable. You will be able to interact with other travelers in the hostel who are usually willing to share transportation, dinner or day trips with you to save their own money. Did I mention that some hostels even offer free food and free yoga classes?

Carry your own food

Right when you reach your destination, find a local market where you can get some groceries because they will last you a while. This will allow you to stay healthy while also staying under your budget. Packing your own PB&J for lunch can go a long way when you would normally be dropping $30 on a meal.

If you want to go out to eat, ask the locals where the cheapest restaurants are in town. Choose street food over a fine dining experience because not only is the food freshly prepared, but they tend to be the cheapest way to eat while traveling on a budget.

 Additional Tips:

  • When searching for flights, use private browsing to avoid increased prices from airline websites that are tracking your browsing habits after they see you seeking the same flight
  • Treasure the overall experience rather than focusing on souvenirs and materialistic items
  • Travel light
  • Check the internet because some art galleries and museums tend to have discounts or are free
  • Eat out at lunch rather than dinner time
  • Learn the language
  • According to statistics, Tuesday is the cheapest priced day of the week to travel due to a low demand for flights
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