Hotel Safety for the ladies!

Ladies I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels throughout my few years here on earth. Safety is very important to me. My personal safety of my life as well as my health. Hotels are one of the most germiest places you’ll ever visit. And yes I know “germiest” is NOT a word. How about hotels are a hosting place for germs. Yeah that’s better. So let me tell you my process when I stay at a hotel to protect myself.

The only thing I touch without cleaning is the hotel handle to the room door. After that it’s time to wipe down and cover things with plastic. Well I do put the latch across the door. So I do touch that and the lock to put the deadbolt on the door. Ladies you must use the extra layer of protection once you’re inside the room. It’s not enough to only use the deadbolt lock because maintenance, cleaners, and other hotel employees can come in at any time. A maintenance guy has come in my room before on me and it scared the dog mess out of me. So I learned from that one incident to protect my life with that extra latch up top.

Okay once you’ve secured yourself inside the hotel room you put your luggage on top of the desk. Never put your luggage on anything that has fabric on it. You cannot protect yourself from bedbugs. Don’t bring you own blanket or pillowslip. It won’t save you. Bedbugs spray doesn’t work either. However you can protect your luggage. Some even put their luggage in the tub or shower. I don’t. On top of the desk has never failed me. They have a luggage holder in the closets but to touch it makes my skin crawl so I don’t ever touch it.

After I put my luggage away, I begin to get out all my charging equipment and I begin to charge all my devices. Then I go set my bathroom up. I keep Lysol and bleach wipes with me. You use them to open the bathroom door, turn the light switch on and lift the toilet seat. Next you cover your toilet seat fully with tissue. You should never allow your naked skin to touch any part of the toilet. Periodt! Yes periodt! Never. If you run out of toilet tissue call down and request more. Do not, I repeat do not touch the hotel phone. Use your cell phone. If you must use the hotel room phone please wipe it down too. However you really shouldn’t. The knobs on the lamps must be wiped down as well. After you finish your toilet seat, place your hand towel across the sink. I do this so when I’m washing my face or brushing my teeth and lean up against the sink my naked skin won’t touch the sink. After you set out all your personal hygiene items in the order you’ll use them, plug up your tooth brush first so it’ll be fully charged when you need it. Wipe down the faucet handles after that. Don’t forget the shower. Never. I repeat never take a bath in the hotel. NEVER! I’ve stayed at five stars hotels and I’d never. The St. Regis is a beautiful hotel. Television in the mirror. Your own butler. Tub is absolutely beautiful. Nope no bathing for me. Only shower! I try my best to not touch the wall or the shower curtain either. That’s a no no for me. Absolutely no no.

After all that I take my clothes off. I use a wipe to open the sliding mirrors or door. I use a wet wipe to touch hangers. I hang my clothes up. I never. Never put my bare feet on the floor and or carpet. I have shower shoes for the shower. I didn’t mention but it’s a given that you never get in the shower without shower shoes. So I have flip flops for the hotel room. I also don’t sit on top of the blankets on the bed. You must know they don’t change the top cover daily. Just the fitted sheet and the top sheet. So I always pull back all the covers and sit on the fitted sheet. Your final safety precaution is that remote control. Ladies. Please don’t touch the remote control without placing the plastic from the ice bucket around the remote. Take the plastic bag out the ice bucket. Put your hand inside the bag and pick up the remote. Wrap the remote in the bag and tie a knot around it to secure it. Think about it, after people get through making out what’s the first thing they normally teach for? Yes you named it. The remote control. UGH, Sis don’t touch it. Don’t do it.

I forgot to mention the glasses. Now I know we all know they don’t clean the glasses in these hotel rooms. Bring your own or use the coffee cups that are wrapped in the plastic. And wipe down the microwave or cover your food up when you use it. Hmmmmm, what else? Well this about sums up my safety precautions that I take at every hotel I stay at, be it a three or five star hotel. I hope this helps you all.

Do you have some dos and donts that you’d like to share with me in regards to hotel safety? If so please comment below. Until my next post be encouraged and protect yourself when you’re out and about with your Mista at these nice hotels. They’re nice but they’re not clean.

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