Hotel Life!

Firstly, I want to apologise for the lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. Work and life has got really busy for me and I’ve hardly had time to do anything! :( But I’m back with a post now! :)

I adore my job, but the only thing I do not adore is the fact that I work 50 miles away from home. That makes it a 100 mile round trip to work for me. My car is pretty fuel efficient so it doesn’t cost too much but it really isn’t ideal, particularly when I’m on a 7am start or when the M25 is bad.

Anyway, I’m incredibly fortunate and I know that, but my parents are incredibly supportive and mum does help me. They’ve given me the opportunity to spend a few nights every now and then in a hotel to save me driving/petrol costs.

This last week I’ve actually been living in a hotel for 4 nights, so I thought I’d share with you a bit about staying in a hotel and what living in a hotel is like.

Photo 24-07-2018, 19 11 14

1. You get to know the staff!

Now I’m becoming a bit of a “regular” at some of the hotels, the staff are beginning to know me and recognise me. This is quite nice, but also pretty awkward!

Photo 24-07-2018, 19 11 08

Interview prepping from a hotel room

2. It gets expensive

It’s not really the hotel room that is expensive, it is the associated costs that come with it! In the hotel I’m staying there’s no fridge/microwave. This pretty much means that I can’t prep any meals or anything. So, that means I have no option but to buy food/eat out. I mean I don’t mind this for the one off night or so but now it’s getting a bit expensive having to buy food (unless I’m working an evening shift when I get to eat at work)!

Photo 24-07-2018, 19 11 00

3. It’s a bit lonely

I suppose its a bit like living by yourself but living in a hotel is pretty lonely at times. I live at home usually with mum, dad and my brother, so I’m used to having people around.

Photo 24-07-2018, 19 15 59

4. You feel like you’re transporting your whole life with you!

The boot of my car has kind of contained half of my life this week (well that’s what it feels like). I hate sitting around doing nothing, so I have to make sure I have enough stuff to keep me occupied, as well as having all the clothes and everything I need for the week!

Photo 24-07-2018, 19 10 51

5. You’ll learn which are the best hotel rooms

Lastly, you’ll learn which are your favourite rooms to stay in. For example, I hate staying in room 101 in one of the hotels as it is right opposite the entrance door and you get woken up by everyone coming in and out. But in the other hotel, I love staying in room 201 because it’s at the end of the corridor and you don’t get disturbed.

So I know this was a bit of a random post, but I hope you enjoyed it. :) I’ll see you again soon :)


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