Hotel Bathrooms

I went through periods of time in my work life when I did a lot of traveling. Thus, I stayed in many hotels. I was always amazed by the time and effort that was put into the hotel bathroom experience.

Many of the changes along the way made sense. Things like the hair blower, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and mouthwash was great. Travelers no longer had to pack these items. Good job!

Here’s the thing that I always questioned… the tub itself. Are there a lot of people, especially the business crowd, going to hotels and taking baths?

“ Hey Bobby…. that was a helluva meeting. Whatta ya say we stop at the hotel bar for a cold one before dinner?”

“No thanks, Hank. I’ll have to take a rain check this time. I’m gonna settle in for a nice hot bath in my room.”

I don’t know about you but I can pretty much guarantee that the only part of my body that will be touching the tub floor are the soles of my feet. In fact, if I could hover, I would. I don’t care how clean the place is.

One time, a hotel I was at had a rather unique tub with sloped ends for laying back if you wanted to… as if it were a hot tub but it wasn’t. It also had a seat platform and two other smaller platforms/shelves nearly head high. Almost as if you could do the ole’ back somersault with a half twist of you were in the mood.

What else could you be using it for? A place to leave the finger-sized bottle of shampoo? So, here you have this sloping tub – great if you brought your skateboard – and the diving platforms yet the shower head is at shoulder height.

No kidding! You turn on the shower – once you figure out that sundial on/off mechanism – and you literally have to bend down to get your hair wet. I felt like Quasimodo washing my hair.

The big question is, who is doing the buying when this place was designed? Who is looking at this set-up saying, “ Perfect! Give me 300 of these but only if you throw in the retractable fishline laundry hanger with each one. “

I would also think that in terms of the bathroom “giveaway” items, there are much more useful items than a shower cap and shoe mitt. There is a shower that can’t get your hair wet yet you get a shower cap. Go figure.


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