Hotel Artos & The Paragliders, Interlaken, Switzerland (Road Trip 19)

This is the last post on our visit to Interlaken in Switzerland, September 2018, and I thought that before I forget, I should post about the hotel.  Now normally I take loads of photos of where we stay, but not in this case, the paragliders got in the way.  This was our third visit to Interlaken, and this time we thought we would try a different type of hotel, nearer the train station, but not right in the centre.  Hotel Artos is modern, with a wellness centre, but with a nice friendly feel, open and spacious.  We had a lovely room on the top floor of one of the buildings, with a big balcony, with wonderful views. I did manage to take one of our room, and a few of the views, before I noticed the paragliders, then all was forgotten.  The camera seem to have a mind of its own, and one night, the sky turned a deep red and we just sat on the balcony watching the paragliders sail across the sky for most of the night.  I think we both wished we were brave enough to have been up there with them…….. well maybe not, watching was more than enough :)  Next post we are off to Italy.  

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