Hospitality Furniture


Hospitality furniture is part of our main product lines as of commercial aspects of of our Custom-made furniture which distinctive models and designs are the main value and, it would be always our pleasure working with professionals in the furniture designs and interior designs. As a matter of facts, according to PHRI ( Association of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant ) : the total number of hotels’ rooms in Indonesia at the end of 2016 is 507,000 and tends to keep increasing ( Beritagar / Islahudin, 07 September 2017 ), this is interesting to us in involving ourselves in the fulfillment of their need of furniture besides our export market in retail and wholesale sectors.

If you are in the business of property and hospitality industry, International and domestic please, feel free to contact us, we are ready to collaborate with you in working on your furniture requirements for your hotels, restaurants, housing, apartments !


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