Honeymoon in Jamaica – A Dream Come True

I am a beach freak since my childhood. Jamaica has always been in my bucket list of dream destinations. So, after my marriage, we decided to spend our lovely honeymoon days in Jamaica. My wife is also a beach lover, and she agreed to my decision. After browsing the internet, I came across some exclusive resorts in Negril Jamaica for adults-only. After shortlisting, we booked an oceanfront vacation home that was located close to Negril Beach. It was summer when we visited this exquisite Caribbean island. We boarded a flight from San Francisco and reached Jamaica within two hours. The weather was very pleasant at that time. We took a cab and went to our booked resort.

How We Spent Our Honeymoon Days

I heard from some of my friends that Jamaica never fails to amaze travelers. After coming to this marvelous place, I felt that in every aspect. We engaged in various romantic activities in this sublime island that I can’t forget. My dream of a perfect honeymoon in Jamaica came true with these activities:

Enjoying a Romantic Jamaican Dinner:

We had a romantic dinner at our resort. It was a special experience for both of us. We tasted authentic Caribbean cuisine while hearing the roaring sound of the sea waves beating the shores. In this romantic setting, we made vows not to leave each other. Spending honeymoon days can’t be even better. We tasted some mouthwatering gourmet dishes prepared by chefs. In our resort, there was an arrangement of an organic farm-to-table feast as the island’s best flavor comes from farm-fresh veggies and sea fish. The moonlit night, glittering lanterns, and appropriate wines; all comes like a dream to me.


Caribbean Food

Getting Drenched in a Natural Spa:

We visited the town of Milk River that gave an added dimension to our traveling experience. The presence of a river and a mineral spring adds to the beauty of the place. We viewed numerous crocodiles in this river of varying sizes. My wife has a passion for photography. She captured some lively snaps of these crocodiles. A large number of resorts that offer all-inclusive vacations in Jamaica are located close to this area. The water of the spa was rich in calcium, sulfate, chloride, and magnesium. It is beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis, sciatica, and nerve complaints.

Climbing Waterfalls Together:

This was the best among the lot. Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most popular attractions in Jamaica. It is located close to Ocho Rios. Dunn’s River Falls is fed by spring water and cascades. A large number of cross-border travelers came to catch memorable glimpses of this 600-feet down giant. The presence of limestone tiers makes it even more beautiful. Resorts that provide all-inclusive honeymoon packages in Jamaica offer flat discounts and intriguing cashback schemes to the travelers. We made the most of our honeymoon days within budget. The lush greenery on both sides of the limestone tiers gives it a picaresque touch.


jamaica vacation

Sitting on the Edge at Lovers’ Leap:

This is the perfect activity for every adventurous couple. Lovers’ Leap is a 1700-feet cliff hanging over the marvelous Caribbean island. This spot has a romantic story associated with it. The two slaves who were in love with each other plunged to their death as a jealous plantation owner was trying to separate them. It has become one of the best-known folk tales in Jamaica. We came across the statue of the pair at the top of the cliff. This cliff pays homage to their undying love.

Catching the Sunset:

A honeymoon in Jamaica wouldn’t be complete if any couple does not watch the sunset together. As we had booked an oceanfront resort, we caught magnificent glimpses of the sunset from our hotel room. Jamaica’s kaleidoscope sunsets are a special attraction among travelers. Vacation homes that provide Jamaica all-inclusive honeymoon packages provide exclusive amenities and amusement options for the guests. We visited a cafe that was positioned on the westernmost point of the island in Negril. Having a cup of coffee with my loved one with a view of romantic sunset at the backdrop is a memorable affair in absolute terms.

Sipping an Expensive Cup of Coffee:

We tasted the world’s most expensive Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. This coffee is popular for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness. I was eager to know the ingredients of the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. To know about the coffee culture, we engaged in a local farm tour. We had the full bean-to-cup experience in the Old Tavern Estate. This estate is located on the northern slopes of the Blue Mountains. We came to know that the hotels that offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages in Jamaica arrange a plantation tour for their guests.

Visiting Martha Brae River:

This is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon spots on this Caribbean island. We enjoyed the serene and picturesque beauty of the countryside. We boarded a traditional boat and discovered the marvelous lagoons and lush greenery of forests. There were also many resorts surrounding this beautiful river. The staff of hotels that provide all-inclusive vacations Jamaica are professional in their approach. We also explored the Martha Herb Garden. At this place, we came across some reputed Jamaican therapeutic herbs.

Exploring the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park:

This is another romantic spot in Jamaica that has attracted travelers for years. The view of breathtaking waterfalls cascading down the majestic hills and diverse flora is a treat to the eye. The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park incorporates magnificent Holywell Bay and rugged hills of St. Andrew. From the resorts in Negril Jamaica for adults-only, travelers can catch mesmerizing glimpses of this biodiversity park. It is bound to broaden their traveling perspectives.

I spent some of the memorable days of my life in Jamaica. In my leisure time, I recall those honeymoon memories and cherish them. Whenever I come across resorts that are offering Jamaica all-inclusive honeymoon packages, I felt the desire to visit this beautiful place once more. If you are scratching your head while thinking about where to spend your honeymoon days, I would recommend Jamaica.

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