Home Sweet Home

For many repeat Vegas visitors, the city begins to feel like a second home and, though we may check out new hotels and attractions, we find great pleasure in returning to places we have enjoyed in the past. Of course, that includes returning to the same hotel or hotels again and again. One reason for returning is being given a chance to stay for “free.” For example, I have stayed at the Orleans over a dozen times and most of those times it was comped. The Orleans, along with a number of other off Strip properties, is a pretty good choice for a small time gambler. I used to get a couple of free nights midweek gambling just a few hundred dollars a day, a quarter or two at a time. The Gold Coast and the Rio, only a mile from Caesars Palace, are also pretty easy places for a low roller to get good room offers. If you are willing to stay Downtown, most of the hotels there are pretty good about comping small players. Only Golden Nugget and Downtown Grand (arguably the two nicest places) tend to be stingy with their offers. On the Strip, the expectations are a little higher but it isn’t too hard to get offers from Flamingo, Harrah’s, Ballys, Excalibur, Luxor or Circus Circus. Again, these are not the glamor spots but many are centrally located and all are just a short walk from those higher end resorts. If you play with Caesars or MGM, you might be surprised at some of the places you can get once in a while. Even though I had barely played there in years, I was able to book an upgraded Fountain view room at Bellagio one night. Of course, no one can tell you the best place for you to call “home” but hopefully our look at comps this week has given you some ideas on how to select one.

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