Holiday accommodation

I have realised that as I have gotten older my taste in accommodation when vacationing has evolved.

In my childhood we NEVER went away. But if we did it usually resulted in a (whole!)weekend at Sun City. So my experiences of hotels were based off five star resorts with breakfast buffets that allowed ice cream at breakfast, turn down service, burgers under cloches and uncomfortable sofa or trundle beds.

After that in my student days I learned how to sleep on people’s floors/sofas/random location in house if it meant a cheap and easy trip with someone else basically letting me camp under their roof. There were also a few terrible camping experiences thrown in. When I camp, it inevitably rains. A lot.

I realised youth hostels -who’s multibed scenarios I could not contemplate if it was a roomful of snoring strangers I don’t know – not so much from the snoring point but the will my belongings still be with me when I wake up thing- often have private rooms. You often still have to do the dodgy flip flop in the shower walk of shame to the communal toilet thing but you can shut the door on the people you don’t know. And when you get better at this you start to book the hostels with the en suite bedrooms. Even if it means you are sleeping in a loft space.

Ironically as a result these rooms have shot up in price and now rival a three star (read two or one star in Africa/SE Asia) dodgy hotel in terms of financial set back. And you still (or I still) have the inconvenient bias of being convinced people who frequent such hotels/hostels may be carriers of bed bugs and are the sheets washed? Or in some instances, ARE there sheets? Never mind are there towels.

So I’m back to a higher end hotel again. Sometimes.

I think AirBnb has a lot to answer for. But I do like the fact that it and competitor sites  (who do NOT allow the hosts to cancel at whim) offer self catering flat(lets) at competitive prices. This means there is a chance the room is a bit bigger than a hotel room. And there is a fridge and I can eat breakfast in my accommodation. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE breakfast. But there is something miserable (and I have done this) in getting up a bit late, still having to get dressed for the day and then starving and consequently having a huge argument with the person you are travelling with because you are hungry and they will not agree to go to some dodgy eatery but need a ‘nice chic cafe’.

I’m hopeful I’ll manage to scale my lifestyle up one day though. So I’m back to the five star hotels with the guaranteed comfy beds, the triple ply toilet paper and all you can eat breakfast buffets.

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