Help End Trafficking While You Travel

We’re in the midst of the summer travel season!  Did you know you can help catch traffickers while you travel?  All you need to do is snap a few photos.

The website TraffickCam asks users to upload photos of the rooms in which they stay to add to a database of hotel rooms around the world.  Traffickers often post photos of their victims in hotel rooms, but investigators must be able to determine where the photo was taken in order to prosecute.  That’s where you come in!

Simply download the free app or use their website, snap a few photos of the room (no people please), designate the hotel and room number, and upload.  In less than five minutes, you’ve increased the database!  Easy and free.


Every time I travel, I use the website, which is saved to my mobile bookmarks.  As soon as I enter the room (and before unpacking), I snap 3-4 photos.  That’s it.   The user interface is easy to use (see above).

I’d love to see more people using TraffickCam to help stop trafficking around the world!

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