Hawaii is Amazing!

I have been to Honolulu, Hawaii three times. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful states in the North America. It has white sand beaches and breathtaking views. What they also have to offer is delicious fruit and fresh smoothies.                                                                                                                      My favorite food there is an acaí bowl. My favorite

smoothie is mango pineapple, it does not taste like anything we have back home. In Hawaii everything is so relaxing, and the days go by very slow. The first day you travel to Hawaii the day never ends. The water is crystal clear you want to dive right in. Also it is very warm, so when you go in you do not have to get used to it, you can dive right in and be comfortable.                                                               My favorite restaurant there is Duke’s in the Outrigger Hotel. The Outrigger Hotel is the hotel my family and I

stay at when we are there. It is right on Waikiki beach, we go there everyday. There are many water activities you can do as well, I paddle boarded, it was very fun. Another water activity we did was go on a catamaran, when we want far enough you can see another Hawaiian island which is Kauai.                                                    There are some amazing land excursions you can do as well. I went zip lining, that was one of the best

experiences in my life. The view from the highest point was amazing, you could see all the mountains on the island. Overall Hawaii is my favorite state in North America. It has everything I would want in a state and it is truly my happy place. 

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